Certificate of Appreciation
Award Recipients to Date
1981-1982 Sunny Phillips
Eileen Rowe
Ruth Soulis
Dorie Tapper
1982-1983 Marie Knowles
Shirley Williams
1983-1984 Joan Cater
Marge Devereaux
1984-1985 Connie Johnston
Elizabeth McCullough
1985-1986 Marion Blanchard
Agnes Munroe
Bernice Warren
Joyce Woolgar
1986-1987 Audrey McBroom
Midge MacRae
1987-1988 Tami Taylor
Margaret De Forest
1988-1989 Ann Staples
1990-1991 Jean Hodgson
Evelyn Minett
Jessie Niles
Gert Pearson
1992-1993 Susan Murphy
2001-2002 Thea Wasser
Brenda Yuen
2002-2003 Anne Sobon
Della Woo
2003-2004 Theresa Dusome
* Special Recognition Award *
1980-1981 Norma Crawford
1981-1982 Helen Cooke
* Member Emeritus *
1989-1990 Marie Knowles
1991-1992 Ruth Soulis
1992-1993 Ena Tulloch
2000-2001 Fern Stokes
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GTTBA Women's Certificate of Appreciation Award
Presented to those at the grass roots level who have worked many long dedicated years with leagues, juniors or for the Association. Names may be submitted by the membership to the Association’s Awards Committee by no later than December 15th in each season, and these are then presented to the Board of Directors for final approval. These awards are presented at our Annual Spring Luncheon and Meeting.
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