Welcome, to the start of our 110th bowling season. On behalf of the Greater Toronto Tenpin Bowling Association, we are proud to present our 46th Annual Yearbook.

I urge the league secretaries to keep your league members informed of all Association activities, like the Tournaments the association runs for the members and especially the Annual Meeting where we must have a quorum present in order to hold onto the association charter.

To the League Presidents, please check the League Bank Account once a month and compare it with your arithmetical calculation to ensure its accuracy and I request that both you and the secretary read all of the material issued from this office.

I feel sure this year book will provide useful information and I ask each league secretary to please make your members aware of the fact that you have one. League officers and members alike will find this book invaluable and we urge you to use it. Also please communicate to your members who have not purchased a year book that the Association has a website - www.gttba.ca

To each and every one of you, a happy and successful bowling season.

Association Manager

Greater Toronto Tenpin Bowling Association


Last updated on Monday, January 9, 2017
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